Class Tools

Shoe hammer / Tack hammer
Glue pot 
Clicker knife handle and blades Mozart Knife for Leather with Awl
Mozart Knife blades
Olpha knife (one that extends, contracts, and locks)
Scratch awl
Curved awl Size: L65mm ⌀2.5mm
Curved awl Size: L75mm ⌀3.0mm
Curved awl
Awl Handle
Awls with a wooden handle
Lasting pliers (large and narrow)
Last stand 
Dividers or Compass
McKay needle or Sutton and a handle that fits 
Toe puller 
Hot glue gun (large)
Dye dobber 
Styrene toe puff 
Acetone -1 quart 
Denatured alcohol -1 quart 
Legal-sized folder paper 
geometric pattern-making book 
Shoemakers square (comes with the above book)
Soap (any old dish soap)
Dye (whatever color you want)
Fabric measuring tape (I like the thin one)
Pen and pencil 
AA eyelet setter 
Skiving knife (the push knives are great or the flexible long blades work too)
Glass to skive on 
Scratcher - to ruff up surfaces 
Jack stand (only need if the last doesn't have a metal bottom)
5 gallon bucket 
Silver heat erasing pen
Packing tape dispenser 
Light box
Leather Welt 5/8
Leather scissors, heavy for bottom leather
13mm French Skiver
Post bed sewing machine
Belt grinder
table for cutting leather

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