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Virtual Boot Making Class

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Experience a one-on-one class with me, Sam Schmidt to learn how to make your very own boots. In this class you will be taken on a step-by-step process of pattern making, custom last build-ups, cutting leather, skiving, sewing, carving the insole, lasting, bottoming, and more. Through this process you'll learn all about the different tools and materials is takes to make a pair of handmade boots. With me, you'll have the freedom of choosing your own leather and creating your own design. No experience needed, just a desire to learn and willingness to grow.

TOOLS/MACHINERY - In this online version of the class, you'll have the ability to use your own tools and/or machines that you have access to in your shop. This course gives the same attention and necessary needs as the In-person class. 

SCHEDULE - You'll be given one day (4-5hrs) of instruction per week for 6 weeks, and you'll have access to me via text, call or video chat throughout the week while you work on your boots. Scheduling for this class, verses the In-person class, makes it so that I can get you started tomorrow if you'd like. Give me a call or email to schedule.

MATERIALS - Depending on your experience level with leather & you choice of hide, materials can cost from $200-$400. These expenses are not included in the course cost.


Q: What tools do I need to be able to take this class?

AClick Here


Q: Why does this class cost significantly less than the In-Person class?

A: In the In-Person class, students are using my tools and machinery. The In-Person class puts my production time behind by an entire week.


Q: Where do I get my hides?

A: Everything listed on our product pages is available. If there is something you have particularly in mind and you don't find it on our product pages, we can certainly work it out.